Microgaming and its path to success

Online casino games were started right from the year 1994 and a host of gaming companies started launching their games. However, online casino game for real money was made available for the first time in the same year, by “Microgaming”, a company from South Africa. During that period, Microgaming was considered the leading company of the industry. But, there is not much data, regarding the ownership of this company. It’s a fact that Martin Moshal was one of the company’s founders. Throughout its life the company remained private. When Microgaming introduced its first online casino game in the year 1994, majority of the population were without a domestic internet connection. In that situation the company came forward with a lot of courage and optimism and developed the games! Also, perhaps they were the pioneers but, they were not alone in the field. There had been an incessant flow of developers to this field and in a very short period it became a crowded field.

“Cash Splash” from Microgaming

What is “Cash Splash”? Cash Splash was the first slot game launched by Microgaming with a progressive jackpot. In this game a portion of the spin will be placed in a pooled jackpot. A trigger occurs only when a specific combination was revealed. Cash Splash  was to some extent effective in bringing changes in the industry but, in itself it was not a very big deal. However, with all that the company was thriving and could create the impression that Microgaming is capable of bringing innovations in gaming. Their reputation enabled them to attract a host of leading gamers from different parts of the world.

Formation of IGC

Since Microgaming was the developer of the original gaming software, the company felt that it is very essential to have a controlling mechanism to maintain the industry 100% legitimate. Those were the days when making and accepting online payments were just started unlike today. Moreover, there was a widespread impression that gaming is a shady business. Hence, to ensure survival and facilitate growth, the company wanted to take effective steps to impress the players and win their confidence. Soon, Microgaming formed an association with other firms of the gaming industry and created IGC – Interactive Gaming Council. The council was to ensure that games are played fairly and legitimately. IGC was also monitoring the operators to prevent the entry of bad elements into the field. Microgaming is also a founding member of eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). This organization is responsible for ensuring implementation of the best practices, fairness and clean and perfect business transactions in the online gaming industry.

More innovations

Subsequent to the introduction of the first jackpot slot machine, Microgaming wanted to bring more and more innovations in online gaming. The company had the credit of developing more than 1200 casino titles in the following years. Many among the new games featured pooled jackpots. The Mega Moolah slot machine developed by Microgaming is still one among the most widely used slot machines in the market today. This machine has the credit of making jackpots win over 5 million USD many times. The “My Slot” feature released by the company enable players to upload their own graphics into the software. Ultimately, the players can personalize the game in the way they want.

In early 2000s, Microgaming started building other gaming software also. Soon, they could launch their own poker platform – the Microgaming Poker Network and the Bingo Software. Consequently Microgaming became a full-service gaming site.

Closure of US-facing business

Microgaming closed their US-basing business and released most of their top licensees from the contracts, following the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of year 2006. Simultaneously the company doubled its non-US business and brought a lot of new partners every year. The company made investments and secured leading brand partnerships and brought more licensees to the table.

Marching ahead

Microgaming was the first company to introduce slot game for wearable device and that was in the year 2014. Also, they entered into new partnerships and continued releasing new titles.

In 2015 Mega Moolah slot produced a jackpot of nearly 18 million EUR. Subsequently, in 2016, Mega Moolah produced another jackpot of 8 million EUR.

History tells us that Microgaming has been leading the online casino industry for more than two decades.