Ultimate guide to online pokies

For those who have had the chance to visit a casino in Australia, the name pokey or pokies is familiar to them. The name online pokies Australia is the short term for slots and is used in Australia and New Zealand. Also, it is the name that online players call the online slot machine that offers poker or pokies. Initially, this name was just slang, but after the name pokies got very common with people, it was adopted by casinos whereby they created a separate section for it. Nowadays, online pokies are becoming very popular, with several casinos offering online pokies.

The difference between pokies and slots

There is not much difference between pokies and slots. It’s just that they have two different names but they are one thing. the name pokies is common in Australia and New Zealand while slots is the name that they use in the unites states and the united kingdom. The rules for playing online pokies is the same in the united states and Australia.

How online pokies are played 

A variety of casinos offer the best online pokies. Slots are more common than pokies and therefore it is difficult to find online pokies Australia as compared to finding online slots. When you find a pokie casino, you will sign-up and be a member. After you are signed up for your online casino account you will go to the section of online pokies and choose a game that you prefer. You will then make a deposit and start playing. There is a minimum deposit so keep it in mind. Automatically, the winnings that you get on the online poker machines will be added to your account. After you have had cash that is above the minimum deposit limit, you will be eligible to deposit with one of the suggested banking methods available as per the casino suggestions.

Types of online pokies

Whenever you need to play online pokies, you will have a variety to choose from the hundreds that are available online. The slot machines that offer these online pokies are characterized into two types.

Reel machines

Reel machines have physical reels that will revolve when you play pokies. When you log into online casinos, you will have the option to select the reel machines that you would like to play live with. however, reel machines getting done away with as time goes by.

Video machines 

Video machines are also known as video slots or video poker and they are what many people have become most familiar with. video machines are used by most online casinos for online pokies. Video machines are graphical slot machines that are run by a software. With video poker, players can now have the capability to play for up to 6 reels.

Features of online pokies


Online pokies offer large bonuses and rewards and so players have high chances for more winnings. As compared to slots, pokies have more rewards and bonuses. In online pokies, plays are offered a bonus multiplier whereby it stacks up the bonus of the player more quickly on successive wins.

Multiple paylines

Online pokies provide multiple pay lines that enable players to make larger payouts. As a result, the players’ likelihoods of winning are significantly increased.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots add bonuses or the player until they reach a certain point of winning. Sometimes, the sum jackpot can be life-changing because of progressive jackpots.